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Modernize Your Airstream's Waste Management with Holding Tank Retrofits

Pre-1973 Airstream trailers weren't equipped with gray water tanks, as back then, gray water was simply drained onto the ground. Upgrading these vintage trailers to modern waste management standards often requires a gray water tank retrofit, which accounts for 99% of the holding tank upgrades we handle. Typically, the black water capacity is already sufficient, so this retrofit focuses on enhancing environmental responsibility while keeping the classic appeal intact.

Our team of skilled technicians understands the unique challenges of retrofitting gray water tanks in vintage Airstreams, such as limited space, original plumbing configurations, and maintaining structural integrity. We begin with a detailed assessment of your trailer's waste management system, analyzing layout, condition, and plumbing configuration.

From there, we design a custom gray water tank solution that seamlessly integrates into your trailer's current setup while maximizing efficiency. Using only the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, our technicians install the new tanks, plumbing components, and hardware to provide a leak-free, secure, and durable system.

Throughout the process, we ensure that your new gray water tank system blends harmoniously with your Airstream's timeless design. Our skilled workmanship ensures enhanced versatility and environmental friendliness, so you can embark on longer, more adventurous trips with confidence.

Upgrade your vintage Airstream's waste management system with our expert holding tank retrofit services. Our experienced technicians design and install custom gray water tank solutions that enhance functionality while ensuring compliance with modern sanitation standards. You'll enjoy more convenient trips without compromising your trailer's classic style.

Holding Tank Retrofits

Adventure Is Waiting for you; what are you waiting for?

Every project starts with a quote. Head over to our quote page and submit a request for an estimate to get started. All we ask for is some photos, your trailer year and model, and a brief description of what you want done.

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We've been in the business for a few decades, and we've helped hundreds of clients transport their trailers to our facilities. We can help you with arranging transport.

Arrange Trailer Transport

After our work has been completed and you've had a chance to examine it closely, you hook up and start your next adventure. Most of our clients make a road trip out of the return journey to enjoy their freshly updated airstream.

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Our Process

Step 1: Waste Management System Assessment

Our technicians carefully evaluate your vintage Airstream's current waste system, examining layout, plumbing configuration, and overall condition. This allows us to identify opportunities for a tailored retrofit.

Step 2: Custom Solution Design

Based on our assessment, we work with you to design a gray water tank solution that meets your preferences while maximizing functionality. Our team ensures that it integrates seamlessly with your Airstream's classic style.

Step 3: Professional Installation and Integration

Our skilled technicians expertly install the new gray water tank, plumbing, and hardware using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques. We prioritize both performance and aesthetics so that your upgraded waste management system blends effortlessly into your trailer's timeless design, ensuring reliable service for countless future adventures.

Our Custom Holding Tank Retrofit Process for Your Vintage Airstream

Our holding tank retrofit process starts with a thorough assessment of your trailer's current waste management system, identifying the right solution to match your specific needs. Our team then designs a custom retrofit that integrates seamlessly with your trailer's style while maximizing efficiency. Using high-quality materials and the latest techniques, our technicians carefully install the system for optimal performance, reliability, and aesthetics.

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