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Protect Your Airstream's Structure with Our Rear End Separation Repair Services

Rear end separation in vintage Airstream trailers often occurs due to subfloor deterioration from age, water leaks, or dry rot. This leads to structural misalignment, causing the frame and shell to shift independently. If left unaddressed, the trailer's frame can crack behind the rear axle, compromising its overall stability.

We understand the importance of tackling this problem quickly and correctly. Our technicians thoroughly inspect your trailer’s rear end to evaluate the damage, including the subfloor, frame, and exterior skin. From there, we develop a tailored repair plan based on your trailer's condition and your goals. This plan may include reinforcing the frame, replacing subfloor sections, and installing new rear quarter panels.

We use only high-quality materials, reinforcing and painting the frame with POR-15 rust preventive enamel for lasting protection. We also reinstall or modernize the bathroom and install lightweight cabinetry or new holding tanks. With every repair, we ensure strong, long-lasting results, restoring your Airstream's structure to better-than-factory standards.

This is also a great opportunity to replace damaged rear quarter panel segments at a reduced cost, as they need to be removed to accomplish the rear end separation repair

Rear end separation is a common problem among vintage Airstream trailers, especially those with rear bathrooms. Our experienced technicians are experts in diagnosing and repairing this issue, safeguarding the structural integrity of your cherished trailer and ensuring it lasts for many more adventures.

Rear End Separation Repair

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Every project starts with a quote. Head over to our quote page and submit a request for an estimate to get started. All we ask for is some photos, your trailer year and model, and a brief description of what you want done.

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We've been in the business for a few decades, and we've helped hundreds of clients transport their trailers to our facilities. We can help you with arranging transport.

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After our work has been completed and you've had a chance to examine it closely, you hook up and start your next adventure. Most of our clients make a road trip out of the return journey to enjoy their freshly updated airstream.

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Our Process

Step 1: Comprehensive Inspection

We start with a detailed inspection of the frame, subfloor, and exterior panels to assess the extent of the damage. This step helps us develop a repair plan tailored to your trailer.

Step 2: Customized Repair Plan

Next, we draft a tailored plan that may include removing bathroom components, replacing old subflooring, and repairing rust or damage to crossmembers or frame rails. The frame is painted with POR-15 rust preventive enamel for durability.

Step 3: Expert Repair Execution

Our technicians then reinforce the frame, replace subfloor sections, and reinstall or upgrade the bathroom, including lightweight cabinetry if desired. We can also repair or replace quarter panels and install new holding tanks for optimal results. This systematic approach ensures your trailer is rebuilt with greater precision than factory assembly, adding years to its life on the road.

Our Rear End Separation Repair Process

Our rear end separation repair process starts with a comprehensive inspection of your trailer’s rear section. From there, we customize a plan based on your trailer's specific needs using industry best practices and top-quality materials. Our skilled technicians execute each repair with precision and care, reinforcing your Airstream’s structure for years of safe travel.

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