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Safeguard Your Airstream's Front End with Our Expert Rock Guard Installation & Replacement

At our vintage trailer restoration shop, we know that the iconic design and sleek aluminum exterior of your Airstream travel trailer are what dreams are made of. But as fellow enthusiasts, we also understand that the front end of your vintage trailer is particularly vulnerable to damage from rocks, debris, and other road hazards. That's why we offer professional rock guard installation and replacement services to protect your investment and maintain its classic appearance.
Our skilled technicians have years of experience working on vintage Airstreams, and they understand the importance of preserving their integrity while providing necessary protection. We use only high-quality materials and precise installation techniques to ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration with your trailer's existing design.
Whether you need a new rock guard installed or a damaged one replaced, our team will carefully assess your Airstream's front end and recommend the best solution for your specific needs. We take pride in our attention to detail and will carry out the installation or replacement with the utmost care, ensuring your Airstream is ready to take on the open road with confidence.
Investing in a rock guard for your vintage Airstream not only protects its aesthetic appeal but also helps prevent costly damage and repairs down the line. When you trust us with your rock guard installation or replacement, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trailer is in the hands of experienced professionals who are as passionate about vintage Airstreams as you are.

Protect your Airstream's front end from road debris and damage with our professional rock guard installation and replacement services. Our experienced technicians ensure a seamless fit and long-lasting protection for your vintage trailer.

Rock Guard Installation & Replacement

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Every project starts with a quote. Head over to our quote page and submit a request for an estimate to get started. All we ask for is some photos, your trailer year and model, and a brief description of what you want done.

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We've been in the business for a few decades, and we've helped hundreds of clients transport their trailers to our facilities. We can help you with arranging transport.

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After our work has been completed and you've had a chance to examine it closely, you hook up and start your next adventure. Most of our clients make a road trip out of the return journey to enjoy their freshly updated airstream.

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Our Process

Step 1: Assessment and Selection

Our team will carefully assess your Airstream's front end, taking into account any existing damage or specific requirements you may have. We'll then recommend the most suitable rock guard solution for your vintage trailer

Step 2: Precise Installation

Our skilled technicians will use their expertise to install or replace your Airstream's rock guard with precision. We'll ensure a seamless fit and secure attachment, maintaining your trailer's classic appearance.

Step 3: Final Inspection

Before considering the job complete, we'll conduct a thorough final inspection to ensure the rock guard is properly installed and meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Our Rock Guard Installation & Replacement Process

Our rock guard installation and replacement process is designed for efficiency and precision. We begin by carefully assessing your Airstream's front end and selecting the best rock guard solution for your needs. Our experienced technicians then carry out the installation or replacement using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting protection.

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