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Billings Vintage Trailer Repair and Restoration


Billings Vintage Trailer Repair and Restoration




Seamless National Transportation Concierge

Navigating the logistics of transporting your vintage trailer across the breadth of the continent can be overwhelming. We've streamlined the process to ensure that your trailer’s passage to our Montana haven is not just possible but effortlessly coordinated.

We will transport your vintage trailer to our restoration facility in Montana for free with a full frame-off restoration. Please enquire for details about qualifying for this offer. This offer is valid only in the continental United States. 
Vintage Trailer Transportation Services

Billings trailer owners, GT Services Vintage Trailer Works is your partner in breathing new life into your Airstream, Spartan, or Silver Streak. Though we're in Townsend, MT, our transportation assistance for full, frame-off restorations makes getting your rig to us a breeze.

Once it's here, our team will dig into the restoration, putting their hearts into every step. Need a weekend-ready trailer for your trips to the Bighorn Canyon, or a total overhaul for those epic cross-country adventures? We’ve got your back.

We know how to blend vintage style with modern reliability. Whether it's cabinets from the ‘60s or electrical upgrades for the road, we ensure your trailer’s charm shines through while staying road-ready.

Reach out to us, and we'll get your ride glowing again, crafting a custom plan that'll have you ready for your next Billings adventure in no time.

Aluminum trailer restoration is our game. Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Avion - we intimately know these rigs. Every job gets our full attention, sweating the small stuff that separates craftsmanship from an ordinary job.

Based in Montana, this isn't a hobby garage. We live, breathe, and bleed aluminum trailers daily. Vintage overhauls or modern upgrades, it doesn't matter - we'll treat your trailer like our own.

Our pricing stays real too. Skilled labor, but restoring American classics shouldn't break the bank. Reviving an aluminum classic's glory days - that's our drive.

Simply put, you won't find a more passionate aluminum trailer restore crew in the country. If you want your rig reborn right, we're the ones to make it happen.

Restoring AluminumTrailer Legends

Our Core Services

We specialize in bringing vintage trailers back to their original glory. Each restoration project is handled with the utmost care, using authentic materials and methods suited to the era of each trailer. Our reputation is built on a foundation of precision, expertise, and a deep respect for the past. Join a discerning group of vintage trailer owners who trust us to preserve the spirit and detail of their beloved classics.

Trailer Restoration

Modern conveniences meet vintage charm in our trailer modernization services. We expertly integrate contemporary technologies and comforts into your vintage trailer without compromising its classic appeal. Whether you're looking for updated plumbing, electrical systems, or modern appliances, our solutions are designed to enhance your travel experience while keeping the vintage aesthetics intact. Step into a seamless blend of old and new, and experience the best of both worlds.

Trailer Modernization

Accidents happen, but we ensure they don't take your cherished trailer out of commission. Our comprehensive collision and mechanical repair services are designed to address any damage with precision and efficiency. From frame straightening and body repair to mechanical troubleshooting and part replacements, we handle it all. Rely on us to get your trailer back on the road safely and swiftly, ensuring peace of mind with every journey.

Trailer Collision & Mechanical Repair

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