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A treasured family heirloom since 1952, this Silver Streak Clipper came to us steeped in history but in need of some serious love. It was still towable, yet untouched for a decade. Our mission was clear: revive this family gem for many more years of adventure. We took on everything from frame reinforcements to bespoke cabinetry, ensuring every piece of history was honored while infusing modern functionality.

1952 Silver Streak Clipper Restoration

Preserving a Family Legacy: The 1952 Silver Streak Clipper Revival

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What went into this vintage trailer restoration? 

About The Project

1952 Silver Streak Clipper Restoration

Step into a story of family, heritage, and meticulous restoration. When the owner handed us the keys to this 1952 Silver Streak Clipper, it was more than just a restoration job; it was about preserving a family legacy.

From the get-go, this trailer presented a unique challenge. It was essential to maintain its historical integrity while upgrading it for modern use. We started with the basics, carefully removing the original interior to salvage every possible piece. The trailer's frame was separated, revealing years of wear that needed our attention. We stripped it down, added robust steel stiffeners, and extended the tongue to ensure safer towing.

Attention then turned to the trailer's iconic “alien eye” windows. These were meticulously restored with new Lexan frames, replacing the old Plexiglass, ensuring durability without compromising on style. Every window received new, period-correct seals and a thorough polish to bring back their original sparkle.

Inside, the heart of the trailer, the original aluminum skins and metal cabinets were restored to their former glory. We custom-built new birch doors in our cabinet shop, blending old charm with new strength. The electrical system and plumbing were completely overhauled, integrating modern conveniences like a three-speed ventilation system with rain sensors, a new refrigerator, and a sleek cooktop.

To top it all off, we laid down period-correct Marmoleum flooring, providing a fresh yet vintage look underfoot. This Silver Streak Clipper isn't just restored; it's reborn, ready to create new memories while cherishing the old.

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