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Among the rarest of Airstreams, this 1957 Bubble came to us with a clear purpose: to shine alongside a 1957 Caballero station wagon at shows. With fewer than 300 originally made, our task was not just a restoration, but a resurrection. From reconditioned frames to bespoke lightweight cabinetry and a polished exterior that mirrors the sky, this Bubble is now ready to turn heads and capture hearts.

1957 Airstream Bubble Restoration

Reviving a Rarity: The 1957 Airstream Bubble Reimagined

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What went into this vintage trailer restoration? 

About The Project

1957 Airstream Bubble Restoration

Step into the past with a foot in the future. When this 1957 Airstream Bubble rolled into our shop, it wasn't just another restoration—it was a piece of history, demanding respect and precision.

Starting from scratch, we dismantled the interior, salvaging every component we could. The trailer's shell was then carefully removed to expose the frame beneath, which we meticulously restored and fortified. After laying down new subflooring, the shell was reattached, setting the stage for the transformation within.

Preserving the original layout, we upgraded the interior with our signature lightweight cabinetry, combining functionality with finesse. The upholstery was completely redone, echoing the era's charm while offering modern comfort. Essential to maintaining its authentic feel, the original stove was lovingly reconditioned, ready to warm up another generation.

On the outside, we tackled necessary bodywork, including replacing damaged drip caps and patching the front of the trailer. A new Dexter spring axle and an extended tongue with a new A-frame coupler ensure this Bubble not only looks good but travels safely.

Our final touch was a meticulous polish, bringing the trailer to a mirror-like finish that complements its show-quality stature. Now, paired with its Caballero counterpart, this Airstream Bubble isn't just ready for the road—it's ready for the spotlight.

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