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Faced with severe skin corrosion, our restoration of this 1972 Airstream Overlander was a journey from vulnerability to vitality. We replaced almost all exterior metal, polished it to a mirror finish, and outfitted the interior with features fit for modern adventurers, including rifle and pistol safes, state-of-the-art appliances, and a solar-powered setup, making it as functional as it is beautiful.

1972 Airstream Overlander Renovation

Renewing a Classic: The 1972 Airstream Overlander Makeover

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What went into this vintage trailer restoration? 

About The Project

1972 Airstream Overlander Renovation

The 1972 Airstream Overlander came to us telling stories of sea air and hidden love letters, its body marred by corrosion yet its spirit undiminished. This project was not merely about restoration; it was about transformation, ensuring this Airstream could continue its adventures far from its seaside beginnings.

We began by addressing the most pressing issue: the pervasive skin corrosion. Stripping back the interior, we were met with rays of light piercing through the corroded aluminum—a clear sign of its battle with elements. Except for the robust end caps, all exterior metal was replaced, sealing the past and protecting the future.

Inside, we brought the Overlander into the 21st century while respecting its roots. The interior was reimagined with beautiful birch and our signature lightweight cabinetry, maintaining the trailer’s original weight—a testament to our meticulous craftsmanship. A pull-out pantry and custom twin mattresses maximize space and comfort.

For our clients, avid hunters, we installed rifle and pistol safes, ensuring their gear is as secure as it is accessible. The living essentials were all upgraded: a new air conditioner, a Suburban propane furnace, and a convection microwave enhance the living experience. The floors now boast durable LVT plank flooring, and the trailer is powered by a robust 180-watt Zamp solar system, ensuring off-grid capabilities.

Connectivity and safety features like a satellite TV system, backup camera, and dual-stage water filtration system bring modern conveniences to this classic road warrior. We didn't just restore this Airstream; we equipped it for new adventures and new stories.

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