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Arriving in pieces from Arizona, this 1973 Airstream Sovereign was a shell of its former glory. Missing vital components and sporting a weathered exterior, it was ripe for a complete transformation. We crafted custom end caps, installed modern recessed lighting, and revamped the interior with gray-washed wood and maple butcher block countertops, turning a downtrodden trailer into a luxurious, functional mobile home.

1973 Airstream Sovereign Renovation

A Sovereign Reborn: Elevating the 1973 Airstream Sovereign

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What went into this vintage trailer restoration? 

About The Project

1973 Airstream Sovereign Renovation

When this 1973 Airstream Sovereign rolled into our shop, it was more a puzzle than a trailer, with essential parts missing and its grandeur hidden beneath years of neglect. Our task was clear: to restore its nobility and equip it for the modern road.

We began with a full shell-off restoration, a necessary step to rebuild its foundation from scratch. The original fiberglass end caps were long gone, so our metalworking team stepped in to craft our signature 11-panel end caps, a nod to Airstream's iconic design but with a touch of GT Services flair. Inside, we opted for a satin finish on the metal, which paired beautifully with our newly installed Airstream recessed lighting—a significant upgrade from the dim vintage fixtures.

Our cabinet team then took center stage, constructing a serene gray-washed interior that speaks of modern tastes and timeless elegance. The kitchen was outfitted with sturdy maple butcher block countertops and our signature pull-out pantry, optimizing every inch of space for functionality and style.

For our client who often works on the road, we integrated a custom-built desk, ensuring productivity is never compromised by travel. The bathroom features an Airstream shower module, blending classic aesthetics with contemporary needs.

Appliance upgrades were comprehensive: a new air conditioning system, a ducted propane furnace for even heat distribution, and a Furrion 21” range with an oven for gourmet cooking anywhere. Off-grid capabilities were boosted with an inverter powerful enough to run an espresso maker and a Zamp solar power system to sustain it.

Finally, we installed a new 21-foot Zip Dee awning, providing ample shade and outdoor living space, essential for enjoying the scenic stops along any journey.

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