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We embraced the challenge of restoring Delores, a cherished 1967 RoadRunner trailer. Rescued from severe water damage and neglect, our team was committed to not only repair but reinvent her, ensuring she could safely continue her adventures with the Anderson family.

Delores: 1967 RoadRunner Restoration

A Labor of Love: Bringing Delores Back to Her Glory Days

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What went into this vintage trailer restoration? 

About The Project

Delores: 1967 RoadRunner Restoration

Our journey with Delores began when Leah and Ian Anderson approached us with a special request: to restore a beloved but battered 1967 RoadRunner trailer. They had discovered Delores in Minnesota, and despite her dilapidated state, they saw potential for many more family memories. It was clear from the start that this would be more than just a restoration; it was about preserving a piece of family history.

From the initial assessment, it was evident that Delores needed extensive work. The trailer was severely water-damaged, requiring a complete teardown to the frame, which we then treated with POR-15 rust-preventive paint to fortify her against future elements. We were excited about the challenge of integrating modern amenities while retaining her classic charm.

Using the old metal as templates, we carefully crafted new exterior paneling. Internally, we chose birch wood for the paneling and cabinetry, offering durability and a warm, inviting aesthetic that Leah particularly loved. We installed Marmoleum flooring, known for its eco-friendliness and resilience, perfect for the rigors of road travel.

Electrical and plumbing systems were completely overhauled. We installed a new Dexter EZ Lube axle with electric brakes, ensuring Delores would be safe and reliable on any journey. A 90-watt Zamp solar panel system and new appliances, including a modern hot water heater and refrigeration system, were fitted to meet contemporary travel needs.

Throughout the restoration, we focused on maintaining the essence of Delores. Every restored or replaced part was chosen with care to honor the trailer’s vintage spirit. We rebuilt her not just to survive the journey but to thrive as a vibrant part of the Anderson family’s adventures.

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