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Trailer Collision & Repair

We are Montana's Largest Airstream Collision & Repair Center, but we service ALL Airstream and other brands of trailers, both vintage and new.
We also offer Eco-Friendly trailer restorations!

Our collision repair services cover everything from minor dents to major structural damage. We provide a thorough inspection, detailed estimates, and a clear plan of action. You’ll know exactly what’s happening at every stage, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Comprehensive Trailer Repair Services

Accidents are inevitable. When your vintage trailer takes a hit, it needs more than just a quick fix—it deserves a meticulous restoration. Our goal is to make it look and function as if the accident never happened, preserving its timeless charm.

Trailer Collision Repair


What Sets Us Apart

Unmatched Expertise

Our team has decades of experience working exclusively with vintage trailers. We understand their unique construction, history, and the nuances that make each one special. Our expertise ensures that every repair is precise and true to the original design.

Authentic Restoration Techniques

We go beyond simple repairs; we restore trailers to their former glory using period-correct techniques and materials. This commitment to authenticity ensures that your trailer retains its original charm and character, making it seem as though the accident never happened.

Trailer Collision & Repair Services

Collision Damage Assessment

Understanding the full extent of the damage is crucial to a successful repair. Our comprehensive collision damage assessment ensures that no detail is overlooked. We meticulously inspect every inch of your trailer, identifying both visible and hidden issues. Our detailed reports and transparent estimates give you a clear picture of what’s needed to restore your trailer to its original glory.

Our team takes the time to discuss the findings with you, explaining the necessary repairs and providing options tailored to your needs. We believe in honest communication and want you to feel confident in every step of the repair process. With us, you’ll always know exactly what to expect.

Panel Replacement

When your vintage trailer suffers from exterior wear or damage, panel replacement is a critical service to restore its integrity and aesthetics. At GT Services Vintage Trailer Works, we specialize in replacing damaged or corroded panels with precision-crafted replicas that match the original materials and design. Using only the highest quality metals and exacting techniques, we ensure that each new panel not only fits perfectly but also restores the trailer’s classic look and structural integrity.

Our panel replacement process involves meticulous attention to detail, from removing the old damaged panels to fitting and securing the new ones seamlessly into place. 

Dent and Scratch Repair

Even minor dents and scratches can detract from the beauty of your trailer. Our skilled technicians specialize in removing these imperfections, restoring the exterior to its pristine condition. Using advanced techniques, we carefully work out dents and repair scratches, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

Restoring your trailer’s exterior is about more than just looks; it’s about preserving its value and integrity. We treat every repair with the utmost care, ensuring that your trailer not only looks great but is also protected from further damage. Let us bring back the shine to your beloved trailer.

Paint Matching and Refinishing

A perfect repair requires perfect paint matching. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to match the original paint color and finish, ensuring that the repaired areas blend seamlessly with the rest of the trailer. Whether it’s a small touch-up or a full repaint, we guarantee a flawless finish.

Our refinishing services go beyond just paint. We restore the entire surface to its original luster, protecting it from the elements and ensuring long-lasting beauty. Trust us to give your trailer a professional, factory-quality finish that stands the test of time.

Roof and Ceiling Repairs

Damage to the roof or ceiling of your trailer can lead to serious issues if not addressed promptly. Our roof and ceiling repair services involve fixing leaks, replacing damaged sections, and ensuring proper sealing and waterproofing. We use high-quality materials to match the original construction and provide long-lasting protection.

A well-maintained roof and ceiling are essential for the comfort and safety of your trailer. Our repairs not only restore functionality but also enhance the overall look of your trailer’s interior. Count on us to keep your trailer dry, secure, and looking great.

Interior Repairs and Restoration

The interior of your trailer is just as important as the exterior. Our interior repair and restoration services cover everything from fixing broken fixtures to restoring original finishes. We work with care and precision to ensure that the inside of your trailer is as beautiful and functional as it was when it was new.

Whether it’s replacing damaged cabinetry, reupholstering seats, or repairing flooring, we approach each task with a commitment to quality and authenticity. Your trailer’s interior will be restored to its former glory, providing you with a comfortable and stylish living space.

Window and Door Replacement

Broken windows and doors can compromise the security and comfort of your trailer. Our window and door replacement services ensure that every component functions properly and matches the original design. We source high-quality replacements that fit perfectly and provide reliable performance.

Properly functioning windows and doors are crucial for ventilation, security, and aesthetics. Our replacements are installed with precision, ensuring a seamless fit and smooth operation. Trust us to enhance the safety and appearance of your trailer with our expert window and door services.

Axle and Suspension Repair

A collision can cause significant damage to the axle and suspension system of your trailer. Our repair services address these critical components, ensuring that your trailer is safe and stable on the road. We thoroughly inspect, repair, or replace damaged parts to restore proper function.

Your trailer’s suspension system is vital for smooth and safe towing. Our repairs ensure that your trailer handles well and can withstand the demands of the road. Let our experts take care of your axle and suspension needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable towing experience.

Electrical System Repairs

Electrical issues can be a major headache for trailer owners. Our electrical system repair services cover everything from fixing wiring problems to replacing damaged components. We ensure that all electrical systems are functional and up to code, providing you with reliable power and lighting.

Proper electrical function is essential for safety and convenience. Our expert technicians diagnose and repair electrical issues with precision, ensuring that your trailer’s systems are reliable and efficient. Trust us to keep your trailer’s electrical systems in top condition.

Plumbing System Repairs

Leaky pipes and broken fixtures can disrupt your trailer experience. Our plumbing system repair services address all types of plumbing issues, from fixing leaks to replacing damaged components. We use high-quality parts to ensure reliable and long-lasting repairs.

A properly functioning plumbing system is essential for comfort and hygiene. Our repairs ensure that your water supply and drainage systems work flawlessly, providing you with a hassle-free experience. Count on us to handle all your trailer’s plumbing needs with expertise and care.

Wheel and Tire Replacement

Damaged wheels and tires can affect the safety and performance of your trailer. Our wheel and tire replacement services ensure that your trailer is equipped with high-quality, road-worthy components. We provide expert installation and balancing for a smooth and safe ride.

Your trailer’s wheels and tires are crucial for safe towing. Our replacements ensure that your trailer handles well and can endure long journeys. Trust us to provide top-quality wheels and tires that keep you safe on the road.

Hitch and Tow System Repair

A secure hitch and tow system are essential for safe towing. Our repair services address any issues with your hitch and tow system, ensuring a secure connection between your trailer and tow vehicle. We inspect, repair, or replace components to guarantee safe towing.

A reliable tow system provides peace of mind on the road. Our expert repairs ensure that your hitch and tow system are up to the task, providing a safe and secure towing experience. Let us handle your tow system repairs with the utmost care and expertise.

Sealant and Caulking Services

Proper sealing is crucial to prevent leaks and water damage. Our sealant and caulking services involve reapplying sealant to all joints and seams, ensuring a weather-tight seal. We use high-quality materials to protect your trailer from the elements.

Effective sealing keeps your trailer dry and comfortable. Our services ensure that all potential leak points are addressed, providing you with long-lasting protection. Trust us to keep your trailer well-sealed and weatherproof.

Structural Reinforcement

Collisions can weaken the structural integrity of your trailer. Our structural reinforcement services involve adding supports to damaged or weak areas, ensuring overall stability and safety. We use high-quality materials to reinforce the structure and prolong the life of your trailer.


A strong structure is essential for safe and reliable towing. Our reinforcements ensure that your trailer can handle the demands of the road, providing you with peace of mind. Count on us to enhance the structural integrity of your trailer with our expert services.

Interior Upholstery Repair

Damaged upholstery can detract from the comfort and appearance of your trailer’s interior. Our interior upholstery repair services cover everything from fixing minor tears to complete reupholstering.

Quality upholstery enhances the comfort and aesthetic of your trailer’s interior. Our repairs ensure that your seats and cushions look and feel like new, providing you with a comfortable and stylish living space. Trust us to handle your upholstery needs with precision and care.

Flooring Repair and Replacement

Damaged flooring can affect the usability and appearance of your trailer’s interior. Our flooring repair and replacement services involve replacing damaged sections, matching the original materials is nearly always impossible, so we recommend replacing with new material. We ensure that your trailer’s flooring is both durable and attractive.


A well-maintained floor enhances the overall look and functionality of your trailer. Our repairs provide a solid foundation for your interior, ensuring comfort and durability. Let us restore your trailer’s flooring to its original condition.

Rust and Corrosion Treatment

Rust and corrosion can compromise the structural integrity and appearance of your trailer. Our rust and corrosion treatment services involve removing rust and treating affected areas to prevent future damage. We apply protective coatings to ensure long-lasting protection.

Effective rust treatment preserves the value and longevity of your trailer. Our services ensure that your trailer remains in top condition, free from the damaging effects of rust. Trust us to handle all your rust and corrosion treatment needs with expertise and care.

Vintage Decal and Trim Restoration

Original decals and trim add character to your vintage trailer. Our decal and trim restoration services involve replacing or restoring these elements to their original condition. We use period-correct materials to ensure authenticity and quality.

Restored decals and trim enhance the overall look and authenticity of your trailer. Our services ensure that these details are preserved and look as good as new. Let us handle your decal and trim restoration with precision and care.

Custom Fabrication

Sometimes, original parts are no longer available. Our custom fabrication services involve creating custom parts to match original

We can generally make or find someone who can make the parts you need. Get in touch for more information on Custom Fabrication. 



Image by Blake Wisz

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