• OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT: We service both new and vintage Airstream trailers! We offer a personalized service experience for our clients. At GT Services, you are not just a name and number. You will be able to speak with one of our talented technicians and know that your problem or service request is in the hands of an expert.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: No client leaves our facility dissatisfied. It is just that simple!
  • NEW OR VINTAGE: No matter what the age of your trailer, we understand how it is constructed and offer personalized service tailored to your needs.
  • FRAME OFF RESTORATION: Complete frame off restoration services are available.
  • COLLISION REPAIRS: Our technicians are experts at replacing those dented or damaged body panels on your trailer.
  • CABINET, COUNTERTOP AND FLOORING REPLACEMENT: We are able to provide solutions for any interior changes that you desire.
  • CUSTOM HIGH END AIRSTREAM INTERIORS: The sky is the limit! Bring us your vision, and we can make it happen.
  • MAXIM SKYLIGHTS: We have a great relationship with Maxim Skylights and can order and install this hurricane proof skylight on your Airstream, made to order just for you!
  • OUR RESTORATION DEPARTMENT: We are the leader in the Western United States in custom Airstream interiors. Our expert craftsmen and craftswomen offer the very best in woodworking, metalworking and upholstery!
  • AWNINGS BY ZIP DEE: we are an authorized Awnings by Zip Dee dealer and can supply and install the perfect custom awning on your trailer.
  • ZAMP SOLAR: We are an authorized Zamp Solar dealer. We can supply and install an Airstream ready system for you!
  • ALL BRANDS SERVICED!: Although we specialize in older Airstream trailers, we restore and service vintage “Canned Hams” and also work on the most modern Airstream and other brands of travel trailers!
  • BUYER’S INSPECTIONS: Have GT Services inspect your potential purchase and give you a professional opinion and report on a trailer you may be considering purchasing. A few dollars spent before your purchase may save you thousands later!
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS: Whether it is providing and installing a complete electrical system for a “park model” trailer that doesn’t have a 12 volt system, or simply repairing or upgrading your existing electrical system, or adding a modern HDTV or satellite antenna, or a solar system, GT Services offers complete electrical system service and repair.
  • STRUCTURAL REPAIRS AND UPGRADES: We offer factory approved service to repair your Airstream shell-to-frame connection issues that are so common in 70’s era trailers.
  • PLUMBING REPAIRS AND UPGRADES: GT Services provides plumbing system repairs or complete replacement of your plumbing if that is necessary. We use the PEX tubing system which is tough, rarely leaks and is a perfect fit for your RV. We can troubleshoot and repair or replace your system components, from water pump, water filters, pressure regulators, faucets, and fixtures, whatever your RV requires!
  • PARTS: We offer a full line of vintage aftermarket, new and used parts, AND modern replacement parts available for your vintage RV or modern RV.
  • POLISHING SERVICES: We are experts at bringing your aluminum trailer’s dull, oxidized skin to a brilliant mirror finish.
  • WATER LEAK DETECTION, TESTING AND REPAIR: We have many years of experience finding leaks in and repairing leaking aluminum trailers. We have an in depth knowledge of factory approved sealants, caulks and repair techniques.
  • WINDOW SERVICES: Window repair, weather-stripping, screen replacement and hardware replacement are available.
  • LOCATION SERVICES: Trying to find that perfect trailer to restore? We can help! We have extensive sources and contacts and we may be able to help you find the perfect trailer, either already restored or ready for a restoration.

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