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Airstream Restoration Project

Vintage Trailer Restoration and Repair Services

Our team restores, modernizes, repairs, polishes, fabricates, and upgrades vintage trailers. We service all makes and models, but specialize in Airstream Travel Trailers.

Airstream Exterior Polishing


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A Labor of Love: Bringing Delores Back to Her Glory Days

Delores: 1967 RoadRunner Restoration

Restoring Resilience: The 1976 Silver Streak Continental Rocket

1976 Silver Streak Continental Rocket Restoration

A Sovereign Reborn: Elevating the 1973 Airstream Sovereign

1973 Airstream Sovereign Renovation

Renewing a Classic: The 1972 Airstream Overlander Makeover

1972 Airstream Overlander Renovation

Compact Powerhouse: The 1967 Cardinal 13 Redesigned

1967 Cardinal 13 Restoration

Trail-Ready Transformation: The 1967 Aristocrat Lo Liner "Cowgirl Condo"

1967 Aristocrat Lo Liner "Cowgirl Condo"

Reviving a Rarity: The 1957 Airstream Bubble Reimagined

1957 Airstream Bubble Restoration

Preserving a Family Legacy: The 1952 Silver Streak Clipper Revival

1952 Silver Streak Clipper Restoration

Resurrecting a Vintage Gem: The Spartan Royal Mansion Reborn

1948 Spartan Food Trailer

Hildegard's Metamorphosis: A Tearstream is Born

1948 Tourette Teardrop Trailer

Peace of Mind:

Our 10-Year Guarantee is a testament to our confidence in the durability and reliability of our work. We believe in doing the job right the first time, so you can hit the road with confidence.

Comprehensive Coverage:

From parts to labor, our guarantee covers all aspects of the services we perform. Whether it’s a full restoration or a minor repair, you can trust that we’ve got you covered.

Focused on You:

Our guarantee is exclusively for the original owner of the trailer, ensuring personalized service and dedicated support. We’re here for you every step of the way, from the moment you drive into our shop until you’re back on the road and beyond.

Clear and Fair:

We value transparency and fairness. Our guarantee clearly outlines what is covered, ensuring no surprises. We don’t guarantee appliances that already have a warranty or those without any warranty because we believe in being honest about what we can control – our own exceptional work.

Why Choose GT Services Vintage Trailer Works?

Aluminum trailer restoration is our game. Airstreams, Silver Streaks, Avion - we intimately know these rigs. Every job gets our full attention, sweating the small stuff that separates craftsmanship from an ordinary job.

Based in Montana, this isn't a hobby garage. We live, breathe, and bleed aluminum trailers daily. Vintage overhauls or modern upgrades, it doesn't matter - we'll treat your trailer like our own.

Our pricing stays real too. Skilled labor, but restoring American classics shouldn't break the bank. Reviving an aluminum classic's glory days - that's our drive.

Simply put, you won't find a more passionate aluminum trailer restore crew in the country. If you want your rig reborn right, we're the ones to make it happen.

Restoring AluminumTrailer Legends

Seamless National Transportation Concierge

Navigating the logistics of transporting your vintage trailer across the breadth of the continent can be overwhelming. We've streamlined the process to ensure that your trailer’s passage to our Montana haven is not just possible but effortlessly coordinated.

We will transport your vintage trailer to our restoration facility in Montana for free with a full frame-off restoration. Please enquire for details about qualifying for this offer. This offer is valid only in the continental United States. 
Vintage Trailer Transportation Services



Vintage Charm, Modern Reliability

Airstream Transportation Service

Begin your journey to revitalization with a personalized consultation. We view each trailer as a unique piece of history. Our experts work closely with you to understand your vision and needs. 


Our skilled craftsmen, armed with years of specialized experience, meticulously restore your vintage trailer using a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovations. We commit to maintaining the authenticity of your trailer while ensuring reliability for years to come.


The final step in our restoration process involves detailed finishing touches that bring out the unique character of your trailer. We ensure every inch reflects your style and our commitment to excellence.


Airstream Trailer After Restoration Project

Montana’s Largest

Airstream Collision & Repair Center

Servicing ALL Airstream and other brands of trailers, both vintage and new.
We also offer Eco-Friendly trailer restorations!

Our Core Services

Trailer Restoration

We specialize in bringing vintage trailers back to their original glory. Each restoration project is handled with the utmost care, using authentic materials and methods suited to the era of each trailer. Our reputation is built on a foundation of precision, expertise, and a deep respect for the past. Join a discerning group of vintage trailer owners who trust us to preserve the spirit and detail of their beloved classics.

Trailer Modernization

Modern conveniences meet vintage charm in our trailer modernization services. We expertly integrate contemporary technologies and comforts into your vintage trailer without compromising its classic appeal. Whether you're looking for updated plumbing, electrical systems, or modern appliances, our solutions are designed to enhance your travel experience while keeping the vintage aesthetics intact. Step into a seamless blend of old and new, and experience the best of both worlds.

Trailer Collision & Mechanical Repair

Accidents happen, but we ensure they don't take your cherished trailer out of commission. Our comprehensive collision and mechanical repair services are designed to address any damage with precision and efficiency. From frame straightening and body repair to mechanical troubleshooting and part replacements, we handle it all. Rely on us to get your trailer back on the road safely and swiftly, ensuring peace of mind with every journey.

Nationally Recognized For Vintage Trailer Excellence

Pamela T

I came all the way from New Mexico to have this company add an exterior shower to my Airstream 2020X Basecamp because I heard through the A/S owner's thread that these guys were good.
I am delighted to say that the workmanship performed by Glenn and Aaron, his top renovator, and their team was as superb as expected!

They thought about the process and selected the quickest (1 day) least expensive way to solve the problem by going in through the seat access from the back of the shower faucets - better than removing the toilet, floor, replumbing. UGH   It looks techy and stylish in keeping with the Basecamp design.

I would recommend them for any Airstream work. They are presently engaged in a total frame-up restoration on a big baby - it's going to be gorgeous! They are also replacing an interior front window (yes, interior!) in a Basecamp. Now there's a tough one.

I would recommend them to work on any Airstream in any phase of difficulty without hesitation.

Glenn & his Team did a fantastic job on my 1969  31’ Sovereign! Gave the Ole Girl a new lease on life! Top Notch

David M.

When your Airstream needs to be repaired you do your research.
But, once your Airstream is in the shop it is out of your hands.  Previously, we have had our Airstream at another facility...twice.  Much to our chagrin.

Another search brought us to GT Service Vintage Trailer Works. The repairs on our Airstream were done by skilled technicians.  Tulla looks even better than when she came off the production line.  Each repair Glenn and his team preformed for us is as close to perfection as humanly possible.

The professionalism of Glenn and the team, combined with the knowledge of Airstream, and their creativity make this shop an exemplary one!

We could not be happier with the results!"

Carole Y.

"Without a doubt, GT Services Vintage Trailer Works is the best! If you are looking for someone to restore your vintage trailer, or you have minor repair needs, look no further than Glenn and his service team. Aaron Banks, the shop foreman was my main contact point.

He listened to my concerns, diagnosed the problems, and repaired all of my Airstreams issues on time and on budget. The service experience that I received from GT Service was far better than the Airstream dealership in Spokane or Las Vegas. I couldn’t be happier with GT Service, and recommend that you give them a call."

Frank R.

"Finally! A shop we can trust has emerged. After much frustration with 3 other shops that managed to screw up royally, one causing a leak, I am relieved to have found GT Services. As an Airstream enthusiast, it's so refreshing to put your baby into the hands of someone who cares about how things get done, their shop is also very impressive. This is a professional operation!  My interaction with Glenn and Aaron was delightful, I feel they are honest and truly care about the end result. Everything happened in a timely manner, just as planned. You will be greeted with a smile and I promise you will pick up your Airstream with a smile as well. Bonus points for the beautiful setting, sure makes the trip enjoyable."

Diane I.

Glenn, Aaron and the team are super.  Finished chasing several difficult leaks in my 1976 Airstream Overlander, sealing windows, "skylight" windows that now look brand new, two vents and covers plus a difficult wheel-well leak that caused water to leak into the closet and fridge area every time we drove in the rain.  These are not unexpected in a 43 year old vintage trailer but a "test" in a Montana thunderstorm with a run down the interstate showed these folks take care and do a great job.  Highly recommended!

David Mi.

Quality craftsmanship and service that a person just doesn’t see anymore. Great shop great people excellent service nothing missing with these guys great job Glen and Aaron!!!!

Chris P.

In Their Own Words

Samantha C.

Polite, professional and top notch work! Would recommend to anyone looking for work done!

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