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Vintage Trailer Restoration and Modernization

Montana Vintage Trailer Repair Experts

We are proud to be Montana’s choice for expert vintage trailer repair, restoration, and modernization.

We take great care and consideration with every job to make sure it’s done right, down to the smallest detail. We specialize in Airstream and aluminum trailer Restoration Repair and Modernization, serving not only Montana but the entire United States and Canada for those who want quality, and competitively priced work.

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Vintage Trailer Restoration & Modernization

Frame off Restoration / Modernizations:

We offer complete frame off restoration/modernization services.

On many projects, as required, we will remove the trailer shell and recondition the frame. The benefits are many, including a healthier living environment and a great improvement in the trailer smell! This occurs by removal of mold, old insulation, rotten plywood subflooring, and rodent droppings. There are many other benefits to removing the shell from the frame.

Often times on older trailers we find frame damage, cracked and broken welds, excessive rust, and rust damaged cross members and outriggers that we would not have otherwise detected. Other benefits include the fact that it is much easier to retrofit gray water tank(s) and install new black water tanks into vintage trailers with the shell and subflooring removed.

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Why Choose a Vintage Trailer?

The freedom to stay wherever you choose and the knowledge that you have a very special American Icon.

There are many reasons folks want to own a classic piece of American history, but for most It’s about life on the American Road. Experiencing the freedom to stay wherever you choose and the knowledge that you have a unique American Icon. That’s the dream for us, and I’m sure the same is true for you!

It’s all about rescuing a trailer that likely would doomed for the trash heap, and making it into a beautiful home.

But, if you do not like fellow travelers stopping by your campsite to admire and ask questions, you definitely don’t want to restore a vintage trailer! If attention, smiles and thumbs up as you drive by bother you, then stay as far away from airstreams as possible!

We sadily live in a time when airstream and other vintage aluminum trailers are rapidly disappearing. The Airstream brand was founded in 1929 by Wally Byam, with the first prototype being a tent on a Model T chassis! But since then, as the availability declines, buyers are quickly realizing the scarcity of the of these beautiful american symbols of freedom causing the price to skyrocket!

You can have a part in saving a priceless piece of american history and benefit from the value that is created when they are professionally restored, repaired, upgraded and modernized by an expert!

When you restore an airstream, you join a very exclusive family of passionate enthusiasts, don’t wait to join the family. Call us today to get a quote on a vintage trailer restoration! Don’t have a trailer yet? Don’t worry! We have a list of potential airstreams you can buy for restoration.



Only the best is good enough!

We are a full service repair, restoration and modernization shop. We specialize in aluminum travel trailers such as the Airstream and Avion, but we repair, restore, upgrade, modernize and service ALL brands and years.

Our team of skilled professional craftsmen have backgrounds with the Boeing Aircraft Company, as military aviation technicians, and as woodworking professionals that bring our metal fabrication, collision repair, and cabinetmaking / woodworking departments to the highest level! Our upholstery department is second to none!

Our expertise includes all phases of the restoration / modernization process.


We are more than just a trailer restoration shop. We try to keep some time and space available in our schedules so those of you Montanans that just need some repair work done can get in!

At GT Services, you are not just a name and number. When you bring us your trailer for a service or repair issue, will be able to speak with owner Glenn or shop foreman Aaron, and know that your problem is in the hands of an expert!


GT Services – A Love Story

GT Services Vintage Trailer Works is a full-service RV repair, modernization and restoration facility, specializing in Airstream trailers, located in Townsend, Montana near the shores of beautiful Canyon Ferry Lake.

Owners Glenn and Terri Specking feel like they are living the American dream, after retiring from the corporate world to operate their business and live in Montana. Their clients come from every corner of Montana, with many others scattered across the entire western half of the United States and Canada!
Glenn, who spent 37 years as Chief Engineer of a 600 room Alaskan luxury hotel met the love of his life, Terri, while here in Montana visiting family.

They married soon after, and in 2014 turned their love of vintage travel trailers into a full time business.
Glenn has a lifetime of experience in the mechanical trades, and has been associated with Airstream trailers since he was a young man. Terri is a master seamstress who produces custom upholstery, quilts and draperies for their vintage and new trailer restoration and customization projects. Her creativity and skill brings the business to a whole new level.